5 Email Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

5 Email Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

5 Email Marketing  Mistakes You Must Avoid

If you are not informed, you won’t be able to engage your customers consistently. It is not an easy goal to establish a highly successful business without an effective email marketing campaign in place. Apart from making a plan, you have to avoid some harmful mistakes along the way. Below is a description of 5 email marketing mistakes you have to avoid.

1.  Sending emails inconsistently

You must not send too many emails to each of your customers. In the same way, you should not send too few emails. In addition, you cannot make momentum if you send emails irregularly. You should send emails according to a schedule. For instance, you may send one email per week to each customer. This way they will have enough time to reply to each of your mail.

2. Not keeping track of your target audience

If you don’t monitor your customer needs and desires, you are making a dire mistake. You should be aware of what motivates them to make a buying decision. How can you convince a buyer to buy your product or service if you don’t know what he is looking for?

3.  Not making announcements through email

As soon as you launch a new product or service, let your customers know about it through emails. As a matter of fact, it is a must to make an announcement about a new launch, and email is the fastest means to do it. If you are not doing that, you have to do it now.

4.  Not breaking your list down into segments

What you should do is break your customers into target customers because aiming your marketing efforts at non-separated customers is not affective. As an expert marketer, you must send custom emails to a part of their customers in order to get as much return on investment as possible.

5.  Failing to track your email marketing campaign

You should always keep record of how many active email subscribers you have. Knowing your attrition, bounce, and click rates is also vital. Without this information, many successful email marketers would be lost, and it’s a great place for people to start.

Some email marketers just don’t bother to keep track of the number of “active” email subscribers they have. The fact of the matter is that you have to know your click rate, bounce rate and attrition rate. This is of paramount importance if you are just taking a start.

Bottom line:

Avoid these 5 mistakes if you don’t want your email marketing campaign to fail. Hope this helps!

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